Saturnin script to run one service in main or separate thread


saturnin._scripts.svcrun.main(description: str = None, service_config: str = None)[source]

Saturnin script to run one service, either unmanaged in main thread, or managed in separate thread.

  • description (str) – Description shown when --help is used.

  • service_config (str) – Default value for SERVICE-CONFIG argument.


saturnin-service [-h] [-c CONFIG] [-s SECTION] [-q] [-o] [--main-thread]
                 [-l {critical,fatal,error,warn,warning,info,debug,notset}]
positional arguments:

SERVICE-CONFIG Path to service configuration file

optional arguments:
-h, --help

show this help message and exit

-c CONFIG, --config CONFIG

Path to additional configuration file. Could be specified multiple times. (default: None)

-s SECTION, --section SECTION

Configuration section name (default: service)

-q, --quiet

Suppress console output (default: False)

-o, --outcome

Always print service execution outcome (default: False)


Start the service in main thread (default: False)

-l {critical,fatal,error,warn,warning,info,debug,notset}, –log-level {critical,fatal,error,warn,warning,info,debug,notset}

Logging level (default: None)