Python Module Index

    saturnin._scripts.bundlerun Script to run bundle of services
    saturnin._scripts.cli Script for Saturnin CLI manager
    saturnin._scripts.commands.daemons Saturnin daemon commands
    saturnin._scripts.commands.oids SSaturnin OID registry management commands
    saturnin._scripts.commands.pkg Saturnin package manager commands Saturnin recipe commands Saturnin site manager commands
    saturnin._scripts.completers Saturnin CLI command completers
    saturnin._scripts.daemon Script to start/stop the daemon process
    saturnin._scripts.repl REPL for Typer application
    saturnin._scripts.svcrun Script to run one service in main or separate thread
    saturnin.base Saturnin base types, clasess and modules
    saturnin.base.component Saturnin abstract base classes for Components
    saturnin.base.config Saturnin configuration
    saturnin.base.transport Saturnin ZeroMQ messaging - base classes and other definitions
    saturnin.base.types Saturnin base types
    saturnin.component.apps Application registration and discovery
    saturnin.component.bundle Service budle controller and executor
    saturnin.component.client Base for implementation of Firebird Butler Service clients
    saturnin.component.controller Service controllers
    saturnin.component.micro Base for implementation of Firebird Butler Microservices
    saturnin.component.recipe Saturnin recipes
    saturnin.component.registry Saturnin component registry
    saturnin.component.service Base for implementation of Firebird Butler Services
    saturnin.component.single Single service controller and executor
    saturnin.lib.console Saturnin console manager
    saturnin.lib.daemon Daemon process management Base class for Saturnin data filter microservices Saturnin base classes for data provider and consumer microservices
    saturnin.lib.metadata Module for work with importlib metadata
    saturnin.protocol.fbdp Firebird Butler Data Pipe Protocol (FBDP)
    saturnin.protocol.fbsp Firebird Butler Service Protocol (FBSP)
    saturnin.protocol.iccp Internal Component Control Protocol (ICCP)