Saturnin site manager commands


Typer command group for site management commands

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  • kwargs (Any) –

Return type:



class, names=None, *, module=None, qualname=None, type=None, start=1, boundary=None)[source]

Bases: Enum

Saturnin configuration files

FIREBIRD = 'firebird'
LOGGING = 'logging'
MAIN = 'main'
THEME = 'theme'
USER = 'user'
property path: Path

Path to configuration file.

Command functions None[source]

Creates Saturnin home directory in Saturnin virtual environment.

#### Important:

To have desired effect, this command must be executed BEFORE initialize.

Return type:

None bool = <typer.models.OptionInfo object>, yes: bool = <typer.models.OptionInfo object>) None[source]

Initialize Saturnin environment/installation.

It creates required directories and configuration files.

#### Important:

Before you execute this command, consider where you want to place numerous Saturnin directories. By default, Saturnin uses directory scheme according to platform standards.

  • If you want to place main directories under central home directory, set SATURNIN_HOME environment variable to point to this directory.

  • If you want to place home directory in Saturnin virtual environment, first execute the create home command.

Return type:

None None[source]

List Saturnin directories. Emojis: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_multiplication_x:

Return type:

None None[source]

List Saturnin configuration files.

Return type:

None None[source]

List Saturnin data files.

Return type:

None = <typer.models.ArgumentInfo object>)[source]

Show content of configuration file.


config_file (_Configs) – = <typer.models.ArgumentInfo object>)[source]

Edit configuration file.


config_file (_Configs) – = <typer.models.ArgumentInfo object>, new_config: bool = <typer.models.OptionInfo object>)[source]

Creates configuration file with default content.


Functions str, path: Path)[source]

Create directory (incl. parents) if it does not exists.

  • description (str) – Directory description.

  • path (Path) – Directory path. Path, content: str, new_config: bool)[source]

Create configuration file if it does not exists.

  • path (Path) – Configuration file.

  • content (str) – Content to be written into configuration file.

  • new_config (bool) – When True, the configuration file is written even if it elready exists, but original file is kept as renamed with ‘.bak’ suffix. Table, description: str, path: Path) None[source]

Adds new row to table with information about path incl. indicator whether path exists.

  • table (Table) – Rich table

  • description (str) – Path description

  • path (Path) – Path

Return type: