Code for configuration of Saturnin installation.


saturnin.base.config.SATURNIN_CFG: Final[str] = 'saturnin.conf'

filename for Saturnin configuration file

saturnin.base.config.FIREBIRD_CFG: Final[str] = 'firebird.conf'

filename for Firebird configuration file

saturnin.base.config.LOGGING_CFG: Final[str] = 'logging.conf'

filename for logging configuration file

saturnin.base.config.CONFIG_HDR: Final[str]

Saturnin configuration file header

saturnin.base.config.WINDOWS: Final[bool]

True if current platform is Windows

saturnin.base.config.MINGW: Final[bool]

True if current platform is based on MINGW


saturnin.base.config.directory_scheme: SaturninScheme

Active Saturnin directory scheme

saturnin.base.config.saturnin_config: SaturninConfig

Saturnin configuration object


class saturnin.base.config.SaturninScheme[source]

Bases: DirectoryScheme

Saturnin platform directory scheme.

When SATURNIN_HOME environment variable is not set, and Saturnin resides in virtual environment that contains home subdirectory, it’s set as Saturnin HOME directory.

This home subdirectory is created by saturnin create home command on request.

get_pip_cmd(*args) List[str][source]

Returns list with command to run pip.


args – Arguments for pip

Return type:


property firebird_conf: Path

Firebird driver configuration file.

property history_file: Path

Saturnin console command history file.

property log_file: Path

Saturnin log file.

property logging_conf: Path

Python logging configuration file.

property pids: Path

Path to directory with PID files for running daemons.

property pip_path: Path

Path to pip.

property recipes: Path

Path to directory with recipe files.

property site_apps_toml: Path

Saturnin application registry file.

property site_conf: Path

Saturnin site configuration file.

property site_oids_toml: Path

Saturnin OID registry file.

property site_services_toml: Path

Saturnin service registry file.

property theme_file: Path

Saturnin console theme file.

property user_conf: Path

Saturnin user configuration file.

class saturnin.base.config.SaturninConfig[source]

Bases: Config

Saturnin (a Firebird Butler platform) configuration.

editor: StrOption

External editor


saturnin.base.config.is_virtual() bool[source]

Returns True if Saturnin runs in a virtual environtment.

Return type:


saturnin.base.config.venv() Path | None[source]

Path to Saturnin virtual environment.

Return type:

Path | None